The reason explainer videos work is really simple.

83% of the people are visual thinkers.

We create explainer videos that let bells ring. Animated films that strike a note.

Animation has the powerful quality to collect tables of information into just a few seconds of video. We craft explainer videos that simply make sense. We construct a solid storyline and find the perfect balance between design, animation and voice-over. So we can tell stories that stick.

A vegan food revolution in 90 seconds of animation.

Mr. & Mrs. Watson - Explainer Video

Packaging for the pharmaceutical industry explained.

Pluripharm - Explainer Video

Inventors of the future.

Neitraco Groep - A 3D Animation Video

Explaining the process behind Production Automation.

Neitraco groep - Animation Video

Aerospace engineering explained.

Neitraco Groep - Animation Video

Explainer videos in 3 steps


The copy & art team dives in to all the facts & figures and transforms it into a catchy, spot-on script and storyboard.


First we create a color palette. Next we design and adapt all the visual elements of the explainer video, to match your videos' goals the best way possible.


In the animation process, everything comes together. During this phase the story is brought to live. Literary. We make hips move and hands clap.

Get the most out of what animation has to offer. The perfect visual strategy behind every explainer video.

The visual strategy defines how design helps the viewer to focus on elements of importance within a story. By doing this, we take control over the viewers take away of a animation film. Creating awesome ánd effective. This is why we developed 3 animation style fundamentals that each focusses on a different way of visualising information. Each of them has their own specific focus and qualities. See what works best for you? Discover these possibilities below.


This is a line based explainer animation style. The heads are designed disproportionate to the rest of the body. Its a clean and abstract animation type, putting the viewers focus exactly there where it needs to be.

Pop Art

A explainer video design with a retro touch. Focus in the scenes is defined by colouring and the level of details in design. It's a figurative animation style with a lot of round shapes and a bright and lively colour palette.


Like expressionism, this explainer video style focusses on the elements that are most important in telling the story. Within a realistic like setting.